Our values

A commitment to excellence starting with the welcome

Visitors are at the heart of the Culturespaces mission. As part of Culturespaces’ goal to find innovative ways of receiving visitors and organising activities, every Culturespaces-managed site abides by a Visitor Reception Charter, unique in its field.

Culturespaces’ advantages

- Free audio guide
- Free apps
- Free activity booklet for children
- 2nd child free, from 7 to 17 years old, with two adults and one child paying
- Free Wifi 
- Online shop: www.boutique-culturespaces.com

Making culture accessible to all children

Thanks to special rates for families and school groups, Culturespaces attracts visits from 500,000 children every year. Each child is given an activity book to help make their visit fun and hands-on. Culturespaces also provides special visits for children, along with workshops and educational activities.

Placed under the aegis of the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (a State-approved foundation), the Culturespaces Foundation, created in 2009, aims to combat cultural exclusion, which affects certain children, by facilitating access to the arts and heritage for sick and handicapped children, and those rendered vulnerable by poverty and social exclusion.

It develops activities that aim to open children’s and teenagers’ eyes to the historical riches of their heritage, by introducing them to museums and historical monuments. The Culturespaces Foundation designs cultural activities which go beyond simply visiting cultural sites, by offering a multi-stage approach that is active and makes learning fun. It works with various social outreach services, paediatric hospitals, educational establishments and specialised organisations for autistic children.

In 2016, the Foundation’s actions will have benefitted almost 3,000 children and 600 adults (educators, parents, grandparents, etc.).

A pioneering digital arts policy

The first cultural actor to offer free audio guides to all visitors in 1996, Culturespaces is at the leading edge of cultural development and media expertise. On each site, visitors are provided with the most up-to-date resources for discovering history and art: historical films, optical theatres, applications for smartphones and tablets, augmented reality visual guides, and tactile tables.

At the Carrières de Lumières, Culturespaces takes this approach one step further with a multimedia show that gives visitors a totally immersive experience of the art works.